TORRENT: 2006-07-11 – Amsterdam, NL DVD

The Tragically Hip
Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 11, 2006

DVD (2.35:1, NTSC, Widescreen, Anamorphic)

Video Sources:
Second Balcony: Sony DCR-SR100 (Chris Kirkpatrick)
Centre Balcony: HDR-HC1 (HD1080i) to HD Tape (Adrian Burden)
Centre Balcony: HDR-HC1 (HD1080i) to FireStore FS-4 hard drive (Mark Sloggett)
Left Balcony: Canon Elura 70 (Steve Stroud)
Left Stage: DCR-TRV22 (Dustin Starchuk)

HD converted using VisualHub

Audio source: Trevor Astrope
AT853RX > SD 722 > Transferred via FireWire > MacBookPro for sync with video

Recorded from first balcony, centre, clamped to railing, DIN

Edited: Chris Kirkpatrick
Final Cut Express

DVD & Assembly: Chris Kirkpatrick

In January 2006 The Hip announced plans to tour Europe. On a whim it was suggested that we get a group together and follow them. Little did I know that this suggestion would turn into the trip of a lifetime with 7 fellow Hip fans from across this great nation!

After our whirlwind tour of 3 shows in 3 nights in 3 different countries, we arrived in Amsterdam for a bit of a respite.

We spent our day off touring the city and enjoying Amsterdams many attractions! By show time we were spent, but ready for a good show. We arrived at the venue early and chatted with fans as they arrived. I was quite surprised at how many fans showed up early… and got the feeling
that we were going to be in for a great show.

The venue is a former gothic church converted into an incredible live music venue. The vintage stained glass windows are still visible behind the stage, and every performance is provided with the best opportunity to become a religious experience for those in attendance.

The show was incredible, but you can see that for yourself. The room was incredibly packed with fans; a fact that does not translate well on video. I started out in the front row, right in front of Rob, but after stepping away for to grab another round there was no way to make it back. I ended up climbing to what felt like the attic before finding another place to stand where I could see the stage.

The crowd was very enthusiastic from the minute they walked in the door… but despite the huge volumes of beer being consumed, everyone seemed to be well behaved – and REALLY INTO THE HIP!

Enjoy the show!


01: Springtime In Vienna
02: New Orleans Is Sinking
03: The Lonely End Of The Rink
04: Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park
05: Ahead By A Century
06: Gift Shop
07: Lionized
08: Summer Is Killing Us
09: Bobcaygeon
10: Little Bones
11: You’re Not The Ocean
12: At The Hundredth Meridian
13: The Last Of The Unplucked Gems
14: Poets
15: Grace, Too
16: Fire In The Hole

17: Heaven Is A Better Place Today
18: Pretend
19: Blow At High Dough



2 thoughts on “TORRENT: 2006-07-11 – Amsterdam, NL DVD

  1. A quick question – Who was on the Stage Right camera (in front of Robbie and Gord S?)

    This looks great, BTW! I wish I could have been there. It’s nice seeing the Paradiso again though – Brings back some great memories!

  2. This had completed by the time I woke up this morning! I can’t wait to get home and watch this infamous show! I just have to print the artwork off and it can take pride-of-place with the
    others on the shelf!

    Thanks again chris, and all involved.

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