New City And Colour Album Features Gord Downie Cameo

New City And Colour Album Features Gord Downie Cameo

New City And Colour Album Features Gord Downie Cameo
Tuesday December 04, 2007 @ 06:00 PM
By: Staff

City And Colour
Dallas Green, Chart’s 2006 artist of the year and half of Alexisonfire’s vocal/scream team, will showcase more of his dulcet tones on the sophomore effort from his hugely successful solo project, City And Colour.

The 12-song Bring Me Your Love, coming on Feb. 12 from Dine Alone Records, was co-produced by Green and Dan Achen and recorded live off the floor at Hamilton’s Catherine North Studio.

Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie lent his distinctive vocals to “Sleeping Sickness.” Green’s friends and labelmates Dan Romano and Spencer Burton of Attack In Black also contributed to the cause.

City And Colour’s 2005 debut, Sometimes, exceeded Green’s commercial expectations and was certified platinum last year after selling more than 100,000 copies in Canada. It earned this year’s Juno Award for best alternative album and a 2006 MuchMusic Video Award for favourite Canadian artist.

Although no dates have been set yet, a cross-Canada tour is planned for the spring. City And Colour will perform at Soundwave in Australia in February.

Here are the songs on Bring Me Your Love:

“Forgive Me”
“The Death Of Me”
“Body In A Box”
“Sleeping Sickness”
“What Makes A Man?”
“Constant Knot”
“Against The Grain”
“The Girl”
“Sensible Heart”
“As Much As I Ever Could”
—Moya Dillon

2 thoughts on “New City And Colour Album Features Gord Downie Cameo

  1. Are you kidding me, without alexisonfire, there (and read carefully) WOULD BE NO DALLAS. Alexis is, was, and will continue to be the power source to which Dallas derives his name, its due to the changing of the band/the ideals of the record producers that caused him to look in another direction. and second off, dont label alexis as a punk band, for the love of whatever god you may, or may not pray to, if anything i’d call them screamo, with the added soul of dallas green. The only problem with their massive success, for some fans, would be that it seems the original Alexis was lost in translation, handed over to Dallas (*Thats why i think the original drummer—-Anyone else agree his timing was mad?—-left the band. Its a Green take-over, but for the tons of original Alexison fire fans, who remember taking it out to polaroids of polar bears, or Gorges earth shattering scream on White Devil, i say Fuck ya, you my friend truely shib the mark of a real fan.

    -You had such grace in the end.
    I wish I could remember what colour your eyes were
    but every time I looked at you my mind went blank.
    You had the best damn Sunday dress at the end of the world.
    The wall of flames that consumed you and everything that was good,
    not with a band but a whimper.”
    What would you do?
    Arms spread welcoming the impending nothing.

  2. The better half of Alexisonfire.

    Went to the show in Vancouver and the music by Dallas was great, I just wish he did not team up with punk/scream music of Alexisonfire.

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