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Show 22
Winnipeg, MB
Feature Artist – Staggered Crossing

After a decade of playing bone crashing, innovative rock ‘n roll, the verdict is in. Toronto’s Staggered Crossing is an E! True Canadian success story. They’ve toured Canada on seven separate occasions, playing with the likes of Nickleback, The Guess Who, and Midnight Oil. Their fans all agree that Staggered Crossing’s high energy live show is the band’s trademark.

Narrowly missing obscurity, Staggered Crossing is back in a big way with the indie release of their third studio album, Burgundy and Blue. The album weighs in with the best of what Canada has to offer.

Staggered Crossing, was formed in 1996 by Julian Taylor (vocals & guitar), Dan Black (Bass), David Marshall (Guitar), and Jeremy Elliott (Drums). The quartet has been friends and band mates since their high school days growing up in Toronto.

Sandfly Festival
Medicine Hat, 2003-07-01
on Canada Day

1. Business As Usual
2. Further Again
3. A Million Works Of Art
4. Felony
July 11th, 2006 at the Paradiso
Heard on the Radio, Canada, USA and Europe tour
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