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Hey Gang,

While we wait for more news about the upcoming album, here’s a small distraction to help pass the time. There is a total of 36 points up for grabs. See how well you can do without looking up the answers. Good luck and no cheating.

The Tragically Hip IQ Test Part II

1. Which 2 songs did The Hip play during the Queen’s Jubilee in 2002? (2 points)

2. Name the song The Hip performed on Saturday Night Live and then again during their induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. (1 point)

3. What famous actor introduced The Hip on stage during their most recent hometown concert and in which song did this actor perform? (2 points)

4. What 2 songs do NOT appear on Yer Favourites? (2 points)

a. Thugs
b. Something On
c. Twist My Arm
d. Vaccination Scar
e. Gus
f. Springtime In Vienna
g. Looking For A Place To Happen

5. The Hip reference many Canadian cities and towns in their lyrics, name 2 that are not located in the province of Ontario. (2 points)

6. Name 3 of the 4 Hip song titles that begin with a number. (3 points)

7. Name 3 of the 6 Hip songs in which the name of the song is also the opening lyric. (3 points)

8. The Hip have at least a dozen songs in which the name of the song does not appear in the lyrics: Name 5. (5 points)

9. The Hip have at least a dozen songs in which the name of the song begins with the word “The”: Name 5. (5 points)

10. Name the 2 Hip songs that begin with the lyrics “I love you” (2 points)

11. Many Hip songs mention other musicians in their lyrics. Name 3 famous singers/songwriters referenced in Hip songs. (3 points)

12. The first song on each Hip album is usually made into a video. Name the 2 albums that do not have a video for the opening song. (2 points)

13. In each video from Phantom Power, the band performs using a different name. Two names are displayed on banners and the third is on Johnny’s kick drum. What are the 3 band names? (3 points)

14. Name the video in which none of the band members appear. (1 point)

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