1. A) It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
B) Poets

2. Grace, Too

3. A) Dan Akroyd
B) Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

4. A) Thugs
B) Springtime In Vienna

5. A) Mistaken Point, Newfoundland (Fly)
B) Thompson, Manitoba (Thompson Girl)
C) Clayoquot Sound, BC (Silver Jet)
D) Cape Spear, Newfoundland (Silver Jet)

6. A) 50 Mission Cap
B) 700 Ft. Ceiling
C) 38 Years Old

7. A) Use It Up
B) Sharks
C) Greasy Jungle

8.A) Springtime In Vienna
B) Family Band
C) Toronto #4
D) Nautical Disaster
E) The Bear

9. A) The Bear
B) The Kids Don’t Get It
C) The Heart Of The Melt
D) The Lonely End Of The Rink
E) The Bastard

10. A) Impossibilium
B) In View

11. A) Bob Dylan (The Drop-Off)
B) Joni Mitchell (The Heart Of The Melt)
C) Ry Cooder (At The Hundredth Meridian)

12. A) In Violet Light
B) In Between Evolution

13. A) The Filters
B) The Rodents
C) The Prisonoires