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Although some might call him crazy, MAv – webmaster and all-around good guy compiled this brief list of sites that feature Hip content. You may have seen some of this stuff before, or not. Either way it’s a good way to spend some time reading about The Hip.

He’s trying to “hipnotize” you
Our columnist tries to explain how happiness is one part tragic, one part Hip

Yer Favorites Review

This kind of audio-cum-visual treatment is a stroke of genius, especially for a band that’s built a core audience through electrifying live shows, as The Tragically Hip has done. “Hipeponymous” is a great introduction to a band most people in this country haven’t even heard of.

With all of the numerous CD and DVD releases that come out over the holidays, it’s impossible to be aware of all of the ones truly worth their price tag. One of the wiser 2005 release investments that might have unfortunately gone overlooked by many here in the States is the first-ever career retrospective by Canada’s biggest and best-loved band, The Tragically Hip.. . . . .

. . . . or both the long-time fan and the formerly uninitiated, Hipeponymous is undoubtedly the ultimate Tragically Hip collectors item; chronicling the rich history and accomplishments from one of rock music’s most innovative and awe-inspiring bands. Buy it, become absorbed in it, worship it, and then thank the deity of your choice for its existence.

In Between Evolution Review

Remember Car Stereo Review, well this is the same guy: Misuc @ Work

….. Whether American audiences will be smart or sophisticated enough to appreciate The Tragically Hip remains to be seen. The band has made another killer album. If you don’t hear any good hard rock this year, at least you can’t blame Canada.

School Net Nets Student MAgazine:


R.E.M. and the Rolling Stones were secretly commissioned by the Canadian government to donate their stem cells some twenty-odd years ago for the purposes of creating a world-conquering group—and thus the Tragically Hip was born. OK, so maybe that’s not quite the “true” origin story for Canada’s finest, but “the Hip” (as they’re affectionately known in Canada where they routinely sell out arenas) are a band of super-powered enough proportions that they deserve a comic book-styled back story.

Johnny’s symbols: Don’t know if this is out of date:
John Fay from the band The Tragically Hip plays which Paiste cymbals?

This is what John Fay’s playing:
15″ 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat
8″ Signature Splash
17″ Signature Fast Crash
18″ Signature Fast Crash
20″ Signature Dark Crash Ride (custom)
21″ Signature Dry Ride (custom)

An oldie, but rare interview with MArk Vreekan on . . Monitors. . . I think my favorite local crew shirt I received last year said ‘THC’ in big white letters, and underneath, The Hip Crew.

Canadian Gov’t:

Ottawa, September 10, 2002 — Where can you find information on Canada’s 15th prime minister or the Tragically Hip? Who was the first female aircraft designer? How do you write and publish a book? The answers to these and many other questions can be found on the National Library of Canada’s exciting Web sites designed to help students and teachers easily access information on Canadian literature, music and history.

Misc Reviews and such:
… Their frontman, Gordon Downie, is simply one of the best. His strong, unique voice grabs you and then holds your attention with some of the best storytelling lyrics of our time. His lyrics, whether about a depressed polar bear or a dead hockey player, are true poetry.

Gordon Sinclair (Bass, vocals) and Johnny Fay (Drums) were one of the most solid rhythm sections I have ever seen live. Rob Baker (Guitar) and Paul Langlois (rhythm Guitar, vocals) wove in licks that were sometimes edgy and other times delicate. Together they put on a show definitely worth going to see….


Our Home and Native Band
Why we’re attached to the Tragically Hip

Interview with Johnny: