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Name: TTH: 1993-11-22 – Los Angeles, CA
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The Tragically Hip
Midnight Oil
California, USA
Unknown dates

Source: Soundboard > Westwood One broadcast CD > eBay > hipfans.com > You!

I purchased these CDs on eBay. They came with the show notes including the cues,
commercial content, etc.

It is listed as Show #93-48 for the broadcast week of November 22, 1993

No recording location information is included but the DJ mentions that The Hip’s
set is from The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard, and Midnight Oil’s set is from Irvine

The DJ is Doug Podell.

Disc 1 – The Hip
01. Lionized
02. Three Pistols
03. Courage

04. Twist My Arm
05. Bring It All Back

06. Little Bones
07. We’ll Go Too
08. On The Verge

Disc 2 – Midnight Oil
01. King Of The Mountain
02. My Country

03. Beds Are Burning
04. Warakina
05. Outbreak

06. Blue Sky
07. Truganini
08. Forgotten Years

09. Commercial for The Hip & Midnight Oil on the next In Concert.

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