Gord Downie & The Country Of Miracles at Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

On a rainy and damp Thursday night, approximately 100 lucky guests experienced a great night of live music at the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse. This 170+ year old schoolhouse (the first free school in Canada) was rocked by Gord & TCOM. The songs sound terrific live, and loud. The Drowning Machine was a particular standout – with the veins on Downie’s shaven head looking ready to explode!

The loose on-stage atmosphere left me with the feeling that we’d been let into the band, their club. Being so close allowed us to see and hear the little back-and-forths that go on between band members as they’re finding their groove within each track. Dale Morningstar appeared at times to be completed possessed by his guitar and the sounds he was wrenching from it. Dr. P filled out the sound on keys and organ – and grabbed an acoustic for the set closer. Josh Finlayson looked completely chilled, sitting on his amp while laying down some sweet bass lines. Dave Clark drums with an entertaining style that really complements the songs; Julie Doiron worked the distortion and her Vox amp to perfection.

And a couple of clips from the show that I found on YouTube: