Day Two: We survived Day One!!

We had planned on seeing some of the sights in the city, but sadly the allure of beer kept us at Belushi’s all night! Fellow hip fans Jerremy and Josh found us at the pub and helped us drink more than 100 pints of beer!

This morning we woke with the sun… at about 4am! Tried to sleep but it wasn’t happening.

Today we’ve wandered around the city – Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Big Ben…

Unknown to most of us at time of departure, but today is the one year anniversary of the London Underground bombings. At noon we observed two minutes of silence to remember the tragedy. It was eerie being in the centre of this bustling city with everyone at a complete standstill.

With only 5 hours to showtime, our excitement is reaching a fevered pitch! I’ll report back as soon as it’s over.