Day Five: It’s a Good Life when you stay in a luxury hotel…

for the same price as a crappy motel. This is what happened to us on Day Four when we arrived in Eindhoven. The very friendly reception team told us that they gave our rooms to another group…. but they could move us to a 4 Star resort in Barlo for the same rate of 71 Euros a night. (We’ll post pics when we get some more time.)

The concert last night was incredible! We managed to get AAA passes. At the time we didn’t know what AAA mean, but we learned very quickly that it meant All Area Access. This included all of the backstage areas, the press pit in front of the stage, on the side stage, the catering tent, etc.

After figuring out our access, we made a beeline for the backstage area. We saw Gord playing acoustic guitar off on his own, and we spoke with a member of The Hip’s management team about our trip so far.

“The Tragical Hip were Marvelous, Marvelous, Marvelous!” Or at least that is what the Festival MC said as soon as their set was finished.

I concur. Here’s the setlist:

Rink * Fantastic!
Gift Shop
2006-07-09 - Weert, Netherlands SETLIST

Gord was on fire tonight! We bumped into Paul just after their set and he even mentioned how “on” Gord was. The crowd was really into it, and I am sure that they made a lot of new fans tonight. Their set was limited by time because there were three more bands to play afterwards.
We met an incredible number of Dutch fans who are as fanatical as we are.

After their set we made our way backstage to get some food and drinks. The World Cup final was on in the backstage bar so we hung around there and watched the game. Five feet to our right were The Hip… They were watching the game and then hitting the road as soon as it was over.

Following the Italian win, we spoke briefly with Gord D and then made our way back to our Chateau. (Chateau de Raay in Barlo). That’s where we are now, and are just about to depart for Amsterdam. Pictures and more details will be posted when we get there.