Day Four: A quick review of Cactus Festival

We made the drive from Amsterdam to Brugge in about 4 hours (I think that’s how long it took, but as we had been up since 8am the previous day my memory is somewhat muddy!) We pulled into Brugge and then found our way out of town to continue on to Oostende. (google map). Oostende is an amazing beach town with an enormous beach. We wandered around town and felt like we were in Daytona!

Checked in to our hotel, changed clothes and headed for Brugge – about 20 minutes away. We toured around town following the signs that lead us to the festival site. Parking was free, and we found two spots about 100 steps from the entrance.

After getting our passes, we headed inside and instantly realized that the vibe at a European festival is much different and better than at a Canadian show. People were very relaxed and having fun in and out of the blue tent.

The venue for the show was a strange area with poor sitelines for those in the back. Trees and banners blocked your direct view of the stage, however large video screens provided a close-up view of the action. I was pressed against the railing 3 feet from Paul, so this wasn’t an issue for me. The other really great thing was that there was next to no pushing, shoving or jerks trying to make their way to the front of the stage.

The show itself was fantastic, although the details escape me right now. I’ll review my videos and post the setlist later. There weren’t any gems/surprises but it was a really kickin’ set and a short encore. (Rink was supposed to be played but got cut due to time issues…)

We’re in Amsterdam now, and food is calling our names. More later.