wyman’s list: The Hip on YouTube

Hip fan “wyman” posted this at Hipbase:

Since there are many partial clips and some less than stellar productions out there on YouTube that can clutter your search results when trying to locate full clips I thought I would put together a list of various complete and “higher” quality videos. Where there are quality issues I have added a note. I found videos by searching “Tragically Hip” and then sorted by relevance. So here is a list as of September 18th 2006 (in time for In View). If you know of any others I can update the list


TTH Official YouTube site
In View

Toronto: Historic Fort York: 06/24/2006
Blow at High Dough
DVD Clips produced by hipfans.com
Connecticut – Webster Theatre August 4, 2000

Toronto – The Hummingbird Centre on October 15, 2002
Fire In The Hole
Blow at High Dough

Detroit – Fox Theatre on September 18, 2004
Nautical Disaster

Prince George – Multi-Plex Prince November 19, 2000
Grace, Too
The Tragically Hip Videos
At the Hundredth Meridian
The Darkest One
Little Bones

TV Performances
2004 Grey Cup
The Polar Bear From Central Park & Courage

2002 Queen’s Jubilee
It’s A Good Life if you Don’t Weaken

1998 Much Music (London ON)
Little Bones

1995 Saturday Night Live
Grace, Too

1993 Much Music (Toronto ON Kumbaya Festival September 5, 1993)
New Orleans (w/Nautical Disaster)

1992 Junos
Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
(low volume)

From that Night in Toronto DVD
Fully Completely

Live Clips 2006 Summer Tour
Commodore Vancouver, BC (2006-05-26)
The Hundredth Meridian
Almost Complete

Grand River Conservation Authority Guelph, ON (2006-06-18)
It’s a good life if you don’t weaken
Shaky in Parts

Empire Theater Belleville, ON (2006-06-21)
Ahead by a Century
A Delay in audio/video flow

Historic Fort York Toronto, ON (2006-06-23/24)
Chagrin Falls
Blow at High Dough
Ahead by a Century
Lots of crowd noise

Atlantic Superstore Festival of Lights Charlottetown, PEI (2006-06-30)
Grace, Too
Lots of crowd noise

Shepherds Bush Empire London, ENG (2006-07-07)
Lonely End of the Rink
Springtime in Vienna
We’ll Go too
Blow at High Dough
Clipped at the beginning

Minnewaterpark Cactus Festival Brugge, BEL (2006-07-08)
Grace, Too

Other Live videos
The Big Easy – Spokane, WA 2004 (2004-10-11)
Fully, Completely

LIVE 8 July 2005
Shaky (Dan Aykroyd is on harmonica)

WoodStock 99 – July 1999
Grace, Too
Cuts off at the end

Another Roadside Attraction 1993
50 Mission Cap
Westwind Cookie Factory version of NOIS & an early, raw rendition of Ahead By A Century

Other Clips
Meeting the Queen

Limelight – Rush cover (partial but cool)

New Orleans is Sinking – Music Plays over images of the aftermath of the storm

Gord D. mugging for the camera

We’re all friends here, right?

Kurt Browning Skating to music created by the Tragically Hip