Explore Music interview Paul Langlois

Paul Langlois stopped by the Explore Music offices this past week to talk about about his solo album, Fix This Head, and he also had some news about a new Tragically Hip album.

Click here to listen to it. Or if you prefer to skip the link… The Hip are working on a new album. The guys are working at The Bathouse regularly, having fun and getting back to the way they used to do it.

As well they plan to do some touring this summer.

New Album from Strippers Union – The Deuce

Strippers Union are back with a new disc called The Deuce. The album is due out on March 8, 2011. Keep an eye on StrippersUnion.ca for more details. Members of Strippers Union are Rob Baker (vocals, guitar), Craig Northey (vocals, guitar), Doug Elliott (bass guitar), Simon Kendall (piano), and Pat Steward (drums).

The first single, ‘Making Strange’ went to radio today – but you can listen to it right here:

Find more artists like Strippers Union at Myspace Music

Next Record and Tour News

Multiple sources have confirmed that The Hip are getting together regularly to write new songs, and that they will perform during 2011.

Not dates have been confirmed but all signs point towards shows in June through September.

Gord Downie is performing at least three shows in support of City And Colour:

March 22 – Los Angeles, CA
Venue: El Ray Theatre

March 29 – Chicago, IL
Venue: Park West

March 31 – New York, NY
Venue: Webster Hall

Paul Langlois, at this point, does not have any plans to tour his new album.

Gord Sinclair produced The Trews most recent album.

Rob Baker may be working on new music with Strippers Union.

Johnny Fay recently released an album as part of The Stellar Band Of Neighbours.

Dime – TTH: Day for Night Demos (possible upgrade?)

SRB just posted this to Hipbase:

Saw this posted on Dime by the same taper who recorded the Waterloo, ON show in ’91


Tragically Hip–Running Master #1-“Day for Night” demos

So here’s a nice rarity for the Hip fans out there!
Many years ago, someone I barely new approached me and said, “I have something you may be interested in.” According to his story, his best friend’s parents owned a recording studio in Hamilton, and the Tragically Hip were recording their new album there. The band had run a few cassette copies of works in progress for themselves, and accidentally left one behind. His friend then “borrowed” it, and made him a copy. I did get this before “Day for Night” was released, and was sworn to not share it with anyone because of that. The album is 16 years old now though, and in poking around the internet a bit, I notice this does seem to be in circulation now. I have no idea what quality is out there, but this one sounds pretty good. It’s a bit hissy, obviously been dubbed a few times. I figure the lineage could be master>cassette dub>friend of friend>friend>me, so about 4th gen. Could be more in there I’m not aware of, of course. I call it Running Master #1, because that was what was written on the tape he loaned me. Oh, and there’s an unreleased track on it, too!

Lineage: possibly master>cassette>cassette>cassette>cassette>M audio sound card>wav>flac
editing with CDWav

Track Listing:
01. Grace, Too
02. Titanic Terrarium
03. Nautical Disaster
04. Thugs
05. Dante
06. Daredevil
07. Emergency
08. Scared


This is number 206 in an ongoing series.

December 7: Solo Record From Paul Langlois

Very little is known about the record – much like the man himself. This record could be hiding in the shadows waiting to kick ass on December 7, 2010.

At a charity event in Kingston a fan captured this clip:

K-Rock in Kingston has been playing the first single, “Can’t Wait Any More.”

Here’s a potential setlist:
My Next Mistake
If I Were You
Fix This Head
Broken Road
Things I Should’ve Said
Come My Way
Shattered Down
Homeless In Aspen
Can’t Wait Any More

Keep an eye on Ching Music for more details!

Hip Tracker Upload: Gord Downie: 2010-11-01 – Alliston, ON

Name: Gord Downie: 2010-11-01 – Alliston, ON
Size: 691.27 MB
Category: SHN/FLAC: Concerts
Uploaded by: chrisk

01Nov10 Gord Downie & The Country Of Miracles
Gibson Centre – Alliston, ON

Busman BSC1 Cardioids ORTF > R-44
SD Card to MacBookPro

Originally recorded at 48.0kHz/24-bits
Dithered down to 16-bits using Fission 1.6.10
Re-sampled down to 44.1kHz with Amadeus Pro 1.5.1
Individual tracks cut up using Fission 1.6.10
WAV MD5 checksum created using xACT 2.0.5
FLAC Files created using xACT 2.0.5 with level 5 encoding
FLAC Fingerprint created using xACT 2.0.5
FLAC MD5 checksum created using xACT 2.0.5

Recorded/Transferred/Encoded by: chris

Freq.: 44.1 kHz
Bitrate: 16-bits
Time: 155:58

First Set:
t01 – Starpainters
t02 – The Dance and it’s Dissappearance
t03 – Moon Over Glenora
t04 – Yellow Days
t05 – Hard Canadian
t06 – Night is Forgetting
t07 – 11th Fret
t08 – Canada Geese
t09 – Encore Break

Second Set:
t10 – Thee East Wind
t11 – Vancouver Divorce
t12 – Christmastime in Toronto
t13 – Gone
t14 – Trick Rider
t15 – Drowning Machine
t16 – Steeplechase
t17 – Figment
t18 – Yer Possessed
t19 – Encore Break
t20 – Ventilator Blues
t21 – Broadcast
t22 – Chancellor
t23 – Insomniacs Of The World, Good Night

You can use the URL below to download the torrent (you may have to login).


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